Tuesday, May 22, 2007

How to get hot fast and cheap

As amends for not linking earlier here is Natalia's free guide which does newbie places and Free Dove.

Now, last post I left you naked and editing your body and skin. Now throw on any old cloths and follow along.

Driver's License

In the real world you need a driver's license, on SL, you need a tool to let you fly above 250M, and hover above 125M. It used to be everyone got "the feather", now however, the right thing to do is Mystical Cookie this gives you a full tool, with radar, TP recapture, and flight enabler. Put this in your AO and HUD Folder.

Free Formal Wear

I think that over time more and more clubs are going to offer a free "look" to newbies. Phat Cats and Avillion Grove, in my mind the top two formal dance halls on SL, have started along this road. At this point, visit Phat Cats for the hair, tux, shoes and gown. More on the gown later. Then do the same for Avillion Grove. Phat's has a great formal prim hair, and the shoes are good. The Grove gowns are wonderful, but no modify.

Which brings me to the subject of the plum peril, aka Phat Cat's free gown. Nice design, atrociously loud color. But help is on the way! You can edit the Phat Cat's gown, or at least you could when I got one. Blue, works well, I had that on a previous post. Red is also nice. How to do this? Really simple. Click on "Edit Appearance", and the on shirt, and change the color, and skirt and change the color. Save all. Then wear the prim short skirt, right click on it, select edit.

Now click the more button, and then the texture's tab over to the right. Change the color of that too. Now do this with the other prim - long or short, and the shoes, both left and right. Presets are easiest, that's the colors on buttons, but you can also pick a color, right down the six numbers, three for color, three for intensity of that color, and type those in manually. No reason not to get multiple copies and make them all different colors. There, plum peril problem from phats phixed.

Animation Overdrive

An AO is one of those things that once you have one, you will wonder how you lived without it. I have one from Abraminations, and I loaded it with three extra animations to get the effect I wanted. Total cost 1200L. Worth it if you can make that by giving zombie facials. But what about the beginner? Well back and Free Dove I told you to take the pink ring.

First, don't wear it. Instead, attach it to someplace other than the spine, chest or pelvis, because these are all big places to attach clothing. I use the upper legs, and my nose. It will rez on your body, right click on the little metallic square on the screen, and select "edit." Now move it until it is either invisible or looks good to you.

Now detatch it. It will appear in inventory, and, someplace where you can rez objects like a sandbox, drop it on the ground by draging out of inv and dropping. Now right click and select "open."

Now click on the notecard that says "*Default Animations". This is where the action is. If you have already loaded up on free animations, skip ahead and get ready to edit. If you haven't it is now time to introduce you to the junkyards of SL, the place where 1L will get oyu large unsorted boxes of stuff. You are looking for animations and dances. Just search Freebies but start with Yandi's junkyard.

Now after you have done that, detatch the AO, and right click on it and select "Open". The game is that you are going to have to put animations into the object, and then edit a notecard to tell the AO which animations to play. The first thing to do is to click on "*Default Animations" and click edit. In here is the list you will want to fill over time. The key ones to change now are walk, the stand poses and the landing pose from falling, to get ride of that annoying "umpff, ufff, uwuff" animation.

Here is one for girls I've assembled with all free ones. For guys, one of your key moves, is to change "Walk" to one of the power walks out there, there are three floating around my inventory, each a bit different.

:: [ Walking (also Striding) ] ::
Walk: Sexy Slow
:: [ Running ] ::

:: [ CrouchWalking ] ::

:: [ Flying (also FlyingSlow) ] ::
:: [ Turning Left ] ::

:: [ Turning Right ] ::

:: [ Jumping ] ::

:: [ Hovering Up ] ::

:: [ Crouching ] ::
Walk: Sneak Slow
:: [ Fly Down ] ::
:: [ Standing 1 ] ::
:: [ Standing 2 ] ::
:: [ Standing 3 ] ::
Lookingat hands
:: [ Standing 4 ] ::
Show hands
:: [ Standing 5 ] ::

:: [ Hovering ] ::
:: [ Sitting ] ::
Sit eating looped
:: [ PreJumping ] ::

:: [ Falling ] ::
:: [ Soft Landing/Landing ] ::

:: [ Standing Up (That anim you play after you fall when you stand up and brush yourself off) ] ::
:: [ FlyingSlow ] ::

:: [ Sitting on Ground ] ::
:: [ Floating (Hovering underwater) ] ::

:: [ Swimming Forward (Flying underwater) ] ::

:: [ Swimming Up (Hover Up underwater) ] ::

:: [ Swimming Down (Fly Down underwater) ] ::

Now save the notecard, drag the animations into the square from opening the AO, waiting after each animation to make sure it is loaded. Then, close that window. Now right click on the AO, and select take. Wear it. Now in the chat window, type in /ao reset. This tells the AO to read the notecard.

There, you don't waddle any more, and you can buy single animations and load them.

Now we've done tools, some formal wear, an AO. What's next? What else do you need? Well, actually, you need a life. A second life. You aren't really hot, until people say you are hot.

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  1. Lillie this is amazing! Thankyou for all of the detail - I have only been active on SL for about two months however was extremely fortunate in that a good friend mentored me though getting an awesome shape, skin and hair and gave me a free AO and feather. I love the fact that AOs can be personalised and I fully intend to now do so following your guide. :)