Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Live From Eden:
Bare Rose Tokyo - Expressions By Dahlia

Two of the mainstays of my wardrobe are Bare Rose Tokyo for clothes, and the Expressions collection of shoes by Dahlia. Here is why, in my shoot Live from Eden.

Etheral New Heavan, male, paired with Material Squirrel's Dragon Mech wings. The wings are scripted with a HUD. Not show but paired with the outfit are the Black and Gold Telepoofers by Dahlia. Hair is Public Affair from Influence, the hair whore's haven.

As with many B@R outfits, the fabric has the detail you would expect from a 500L dress, only at a fraction of that price, and it comes with three outfits, not one. Result, 50L an outfit. That's Vindi quality at Gritzi prices!

Bael is the dress by B@R, the wings are Material Squirrel. Hair, again, from Influence on Naughty Island. You will want to click on this one for the full size image.

This is the Cian F/A outfit with the goes with everything Black and Gold Telepoofers from Dahlia. The badges are PanAm classic done as custom attachments. Fly me, I have more non-stops to paradise than anyone. In this 150L package you get Blue, Red, Black, Cian and Brown. The Brown looks so US Military from the 1940's that I am going to do it up retro. I paired the red with Air Canada, the Cian with Pan Am, the Black with United.

Consider the Lillies of the field... there are too damn many of us. I have Lillie, Lilly, Lillian, LillSandra, Lillit, Lillith, Lil in my friends list, and a few others. This dress? Lilin from B@R with Dahlia's Red Telepoofers. The Hair is the common freebie "Bun Fun."

The outfit is Miko, the shoes are again the Black and Golds. And the dance step is every bad girl's favorite: caramel. Hair is Style 0.

Bael, sans the shoulders from B@R, the shoes that make the outfit? Dahlia's white spikes from the Expressions collection.

A word about these amazing shoes. They come with a particle teleport effect that gives you a great entrance. And yet some how these well styled, versatile and above all impressive shoes, in two mainstyle families, remain a well kept secret on SL. Every time I make a big entrance I tell people "It's the shoes." They don't believe me - but it is true. The black and golds are versatile, the white spikes are stunning and the black spikes make any party dress. Must have, must have, must have for your wardrobe, and at 225L, worth it even if you are only going to be able to afford one set of high quality prim shoe.

More tomorrow, there was just too much material for one post.

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