Wednesday, May 16, 2007

That's sex by Hieronymous Bosch.

My main job is as the floor manager at Sexcino a "Second Life Casino's" affiliate owned by SL Loonie and Mystic Saiman. I remember the strange days when it was booming because casinos on SL were a river of money. The girls were terrible, and no one cared, because well, the wheels were purring day and night.

Then came the gaming ban, and the places that had people kept them, and even flourished - several of the top places on sl are for gambling - and many others shut down. There are many many words written about this over on various forums. I'm not going to add to it.

instead let's talk about something else. Like sex.

If you want to start at the bottom of the SL food chain of sex, then a free sex room is where you start.

Here is one of many. Now this touches on the camping thing. These rooms generate traffic, traffic moves you up search, which brings people who might have money. But that's another day. Right now we are talking about sex by Hieronymous Bosch. Which is what a room of 50 avatars grinding on cheap pose balls with bad skins and one linden woodies is. For the uninitaiated, if there are any reading this, you have to buy working genitalia on SL, and the cheapest is a cluster of pixels that looks more like a club on a deck of cards than a real cock.

People chat things like "big cock!" "nice ass!" "ohhh baby".

Owners often run a sound track of orgy noises.

Umm yeah. If you that's what you need. Many have automated avatars that look good and have objects that repeat certain come on phrases, like "Fuck my little ass" at intervals. These are scripts, no one is actually logged into the avatar. A few have a couple of owners that play there, and you can tell them, because they are decked out with real sex toys. I saw two playing with about 10K worth of skin body and toy. The newbs of course wanted to fuck the girl - tied down with an xcite collar, and were not happy when her master, the area owner, told them to engage in autofornication.

The other people that go here are master/sub, lord/slave combos, public sex and humilation for the sub, with the added thrill of doing good sex in front of people who are getting bad sex. You can take your own animations into places, and use those. You'll know these couples when you see them. They look fiiiiiine. And they get off on having newbs lust after them. It's at least good sex.

These rooms are also packed packed packed all the time.

This gets me to the whole WoW mentality of many newbies - run around thinking that you grab things off the ground, engage in repeated dull interaction with the comptuer sim world, and one day, when you find the magic cock, you get to fuck Aphrodite.

Dozens of newbies drop in every day with this mentality. They wander around SL, look discover camping, camp, and hang out in orgy rooms. Now these rooms are doomed, age verify (another long discussion) will kill them. Age verify is a sex tax, and these are people defined by their unwillingness to spend a single cent on virtual sex.

That's sex by Hieronymous Bosch.

Now for people who are so distant from having sex, that just the idea that there are females that want to have sex. Well there it is. 15 frames of bumping can be remarkably effective. But. Umm. Wow is that ugly sex.

Now why would I know so much about these rooms? I go fishing. Not for clients, because anyone in these kinds of places doesn't have the money to get me take off my earings, with the exception of a couple of specialized places I will talk about later. No, it is a place where you can go fishing for people ready to move out of the newbie underworld and up up up into the light.

Which brings me back to Sexcino, and what we've been doing there. Next post, you are going to want to read.

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