Thursday, May 17, 2007

Gothic L*lita

Search is one of the most broken things about SL. It is just too hard to find things, and the "traffic" number has spawned the camping and orgy industries.

However, finding things is not LL's priority, hiding them is. The real terror to LL is "age play", that is virtual pornography involving avatars that are clearly not adult. The latest casualty in this is the term "Lolita" from search. The problem is that Lolita is both the title of a real world novel, and a fashion sub-culture. More specifically, gothic lolita is a sub-genre of this.

I have a loligoth outfit, in fact, elements of it were what I got my first job at Le Club with (they aren't goth, but instead a nice small friendly club with a friendly owner in Ryde Whitman and laid back girls). Since then I went out and got hair that really goes with it (yes yes I'll post a pick of me in the outfit later as well as where I got things).

I'm told that the owner of Gothic Lolita complained, and was told "Change the name of the store."

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