Wednesday, May 16, 2007

This Is Me. Lillie.

This is a blog.

This is a blog about sex.

This is a blog about sex on Second Life.

This is a blog about sex on Second Life written by an escort.

No, really. I have virtual sex with people. For money. And I'm one of the best at it.

It is about how bad much of it is, how good it can be, how to do it better, and all sorts of other things that you'd expect from vain hair whore sex goddess in second life. And somethings you won't. Or whatever.

Let's start with the dish. I'm an rl nobody who would neveeeer escort real life. I've read blogs for about 3 years, and even left some comments. I just joined second life, and have learned too much about myself, others and mostly

about sex.

So I'm listening to Cosmic Gate, waiting for sl to come back up, and getting bored enough to do a blog. Just like I've threatened to .

Some some ground rules. I don't talk much about rl, and won't do so here. So those of you looking for an rl girlfriend, flip to the next blog. I don't kiss and tell without permission, so while I will talk about generalities, I won't go into specifics about clients or what they do or what they like. They pay for anonymity, of the same kind I enjoy. Last ground rule, I'm going to talk

about sex on second life.

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