Friday, May 18, 2007

You are going to be obsolete

Take a look at this demo realize that the retail avs we are all wearing are about to be obsolete, because there are companies and people who can pay these kinds of prices. What is a hot barbie today, in 6 months will be looked at the way playdo is now.

Real money is coming to sl, and out here there is a huge difference between rich and poor. There isn't as much on sl as you might think, the best looking avatars aren't that much more realiztic than what you can get on about 200L. Better, but not a different level. If you do a standard make over in Linden, 10K of our local lira buys you a clearly better look, but I get more offers than even the most willing slut could handle on skin and clothes that are not that expensive. That is, you look better than a default, but primarily you look more individual.

What Kim Balatron and her group are doing, is on another level. While I can't publish their prices, they are substantially above what you would pay in world.

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