Monday, May 21, 2007

Why Write About Second Sex

On the iPod: Beethoven slow movements from the sonatas and symphonies, right now 7th symphony second movement. The dance.

So far my fingers have been working the buttons of second life sex: clothing, toys and some thoughts on the sex pollution of orgy rooms. But this isn't why people do what they do here, and why it is important.

The most important reasons for second sex are not involved in the toys, but in the nature of second reality, and its reflection of inner space. You won't be on Second Life long when you will come to understand how important BDSM is to the culture. Not just the activities of BDSM, but the culture of BDSM - master/slave relationships, dominance and submission, display of the body at tension, extremity of expression, gothic atmosphere, victoriana. It may seem strange that a world that allows people to fly at supersonic speed, should have a huge steam-punk community, and even larger gothic and neo-Victorian vampire and BDSM communities.

This is a reflection of the deeper truth about sexual fluidity in Second Life. While Paglia talkes about sexual personna, this is dead wrong. We don't have that on SL. Instead sexual energy is the energy that pours over everything. Everything is highly charged with the erotic, or its inverse, the sub-genius of crude rape. The desire to wave your cock in someone's face. In SL there is a deep and unrelenting tension between this wave of crude and the impulse to draw it within and transmute it into creation. This collision, between the lowest and rawest form of masculine energy and the most aspirational aspect of goddess energy is sex on sl. It is the vast sexual intercourse that goes on 24 hours a day, and it is the metaphor for almost everything. A camper is a crude cock shoved into a slot that dribbles a bit of favor on him or her.

If you want to know what is going on in SL, it is that, the worst of the masculine being absorbed by the best of the feminine. This is why women come to SL and are liberated as muses, designers and graceful creatures. Even escorts become sensual goddesses reflecting the nature of touch as the binder of human relationship. Men come to SL, and the are either invisible servants of the demiurge - building, breaking and going forward - or they are very visible and seeking merely a moment of release. The latter are common, as the former are rare.

If you want to know why I write about sex on sl, it is because there really is no other topic. Even this blog is part of that, an attempt to draw unformed up, into, and within, this our second life.

Beethoven's ancient aires and dances speak to us now, it is the dance of palm to palm, swaying and turning to rising and falling steps, with lush skirts and tight men's hose, amidst the swirl of torches. Yes we live in the next century, but the volcanic need for a usable past is washed over by an ocean of cascading passion, and the steam and vapors are our world of clouds and rain.

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  1. Your blog is fantastic - answers many questions I had not even though of asking.

    I may contact you in-game for advice about my appearance. I will certainly keep reading (and have syndicated your RSS feed to Livejournal).