Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Intel Eye Rapes Me

Oh My God.

I don't say those words often, rl or sl. They weren't part of my teenage years list of "things to say." In sl I notice that men use omg, when rl they almost never say it. But here I am getting eye raped by Intel's monumentally ugly splace. This place is as ugly as a cheap orgy room.

And it tells me something. Every so often a get a client who isn't just newbie ugly, but who has intentionally manipulated his avatar to be grotesque, with misshappen features and head, strange colors and ears, imbalanced offset nose and eyes. He also has the ugly apparatus attached he can find, often similarly misproportioned. He will make a beeline for the best barbie in the room. Which is often me. In essence he wants to shove his ugliness in your face, and make you lap it up. He thinks of his cock as ugly and powerful, and he has turned himself into one giant cock.

That's what Intel's space says about them. It is not only ugly, but it is intel-entionally and expensively so. They blow 13 prims on chairs which are meant to simulate the kind of uncomfortable ugly chairs that one finds in hotel conventions or museum lectures. They spend prims on floor textures which are ugly, on glass portals downard which are crude. If paying for gargoyle sex is a turn on, and getting it for free a fantasy, what does making your living at it feel like? I can only guess.

Everything about this space says that intel is going to fuck a chip into my computer, whether I like it or not. It also says that the company has an image of itself as an ugly compnay. Where as Cisco protrayed itself as a bright and open campus, a kidn of 21st century little Ivy League college, intel's self image, like the Democratic Party's self image on sl, is of ugly "we don't care about image".

It comes across then, the opposite way, as a group of people who take great pride in offending other people, and forcing their power on others. Call it what it is, "eye rape." And they are right, my next computer will have an intel chip in it, or something made to be compatible with their chips, whether I like it or not. In a world where you can look like anything you want, someone blowing 13 prims on ugly chairs that people hate to sit in rl, wants to be ugly.

In the sexual psychological, the next layer beneath the man who wants to be a gargoyle and take the beauty as the basets of beasts, or the woman who wants to be takne by one, has a sense of hte boyd. Remember you brain has a map of your body, and that map mirrors, not your physical shape, but your shape in nerves. Your lips, hands and feet have huge areas for them, your legs, much smaller. The head is huge. The body must mediate between its homonculous map of itself, and its periperipheral map of itself, which are different.

But there is none of that here. What Intel's slpace (my word for "sl space") is that they don't need to be anytihg but intel, and lots of peope will show up. They don't need people skills, their hardware is so great, you are just going to take it, (word that rhymes with rich here).

(And yes that is a Dalek in the picture)

(Which reminds me. Anyone who has a stage in SL knows that you buy a script to keep people off of it. Otherwise, you get pictuers of people wearing Dalek suits at your press conference on stage. You can tell from his tag that he is no from Intel. Which merely reinforces the notion that Intel is fucking downwards. They can't even be bothered to issue their managers anti-idle orbs (free!) to prevent their tags from saying "away". Most clubs would fire a girl for going away on stage. Just so you know.)

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  1. the guys dressing up ugly occasionally sound like part of the groups of people who troll around griefing sex areas and other people like goreans

    like this one that especially targets furries