Thursday, May 31, 2007

Live From Eden:
Tami McCoy's Hair Styles

You almost certainly don't have any of Tami McCoy's hair, and that's a sin. Sin. Sin. Sin. While her collection is still small, the quality is undeniably there. Can someone invent the department store so that designers don't have to be shopkeepers? This hair should be in shops all over SL, as a perfect complement to graceful gowns of all descriptions.

Tami's hair is outstanding in its handling of bangs and assymetry, its classical ringlets styling and use of texture. Take it from a total hair whore, Tami, like Style 0, is one of the great unknown hairstylists of SL.

The backdrops again are Eden, where paradise is regained.

Cascade, this one in an elegant "Summer" texture.

Bliss, in a natural red.

I didn't see this one at the store, it is the assymetrical "I'm so blonde!" style: Rae. It gives you that certain look and is composed of three parts that just work in harmony. Nothing in my arsenal says "apres sex" like this one.

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