Sunday, June 22, 2008

Arden Bricklin: liar, cheat, and drama queen

"People make decisions every day."

I made a bad one in listening to Arden Bricklin. She lied to me repeatedly, and tried the weasel trick of saying that she liked me, and she would "refer business." I don't want her business, or her friends.

She was late on rent. She said it was "a communication error." I argued with my partner not to evict when they were 24 hours late. The next day they paid, but only after being prodded. Then today, 24 hours later, they up and left and demanded a refund on the week. I gave it to them.

Then they hard the nerve to insult my business partner. If she is bad mouthing my firends to me, I can't trust anything she says about what she will say afterwards. She said we had a great deal so she would refer. Well that's in the numbers. We do try and offer the lowest prices that we can. When people get into trouble and have to leave, we make arrangements. But Arden made one weasel after another, and being in the real estate business, she should know that people who are late on their rent, who run out in the middle and demand a refund when nothing was mentioned in the contract, and who try and bad mouth partners to each other, isn't welcome. She's renting from a friend now, I think that's probably the right choice for her, because she didn't treat my friendship with any respect.

She kept going on about how she has a great reputation in Second Life. I don't know her other business dealings, and she could have a wonderful reputation.

But what I know is that she treated me unfairly, and made veiled threats that if I did not tolerate it she would bad mouth me. Well, that's the nature of SL. I am loathe to write about people coming and going, escorting or renting it is the same. People get into bad situations, people have to make choices.

Arden made the choice to be a bitch to me, and that is what I have to say.

I'm really sorry for this post, I kept ignoring the warning signs. Don't be late on your rent, don't use your position to threaten me, don't bad mouth my friends, don't say how you like me, and then after I argued for you to my partners, dump an agreement.

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