Monday, June 9, 2008

New Concept Tower

This new concept tower is based on the work of the first one, however it solves the walkable twirl with huge prims problems. The advantage of using twirls, that is boxes and cylinders with rotation at beginning and end, rather than torii and their cousins, is that a twirl is exactly at the stated height. A 40x40x40 cube is 40 meters tall, rather than some fraction of this which has a bit of round off error. This means they can be stacked more easily to any desired height without gaps or adjustments or pixel lines.

This gives a second option, in addition to "core and floor" architecture, for tall walkable buildings, and provides another example of huge prims opening up the possibilities for second life architecture, since 10x10 twirls are not really walkable, but larger ones are.

Located here for as long as it is installed.


  1. I love these innovative creations of yours and the ideas you share.
    Of course one should have the liberty to create prims of the right size to be able to maximixe the potential

  2. I certainly hope the project to make huge prim creation generally available is accelerated. However, the new huge prims we have are altering building even now. We should use what we have now.