Monday, June 9, 2008

Openspace Sim Price List

Since there is a great deal of confusion in the market place about upfront costs and weekly in the open sim market, the best thing seemed to be to come up with a price list for ordering one. It takes no more than a few hours for an openspace sim to be loaded.

This is our price list. I've compared it with our main competitors, and there is a reason why they don't tell you their prices in land search... theirs are higher across the boards. There is a reason they don't compare our prices to theirs on their websites, theirs are higher across the boards.

Maybe I should charge more and confuse people more? Maybe that would make them buy from us?

It's up to you I guess.

Set up costMonthly tier


  1. This is helpful, Lillie. I especially appreciate the lack of reference to server access as "land," with it's implicit overtones of permanence.

    In the spirit of information generating more questions, what permissions, buildable space, etc., come with an openspace sim?

    And for the totally lame, how does this translate to "real money," i.e., US$ or Euros?

  2. the exchange rate varies for lindens, hovering around 266L/$

  3. Being a cost per wearing kind of a gal and always trying to understand how things work, I started playing with your numbers, looking for the cost per month at three month intervals.

    Looks to me like people who figure SL will hold their attention for 6 months are best off paying -0-L for setup and the higher monthly service fee (tier). They'll average out to US$109/month.

    At 9 months the best deal for the sim "renter" is to pay 30,000 L in set up and 24,750 L per month. They'll average out to US$105.58 per month.

    But, for people whose attention spans are longer, say 12-18 months, it's a much better deal to pay the highest set up - 70,000L - with the lowest tier. They'll average out to US$100.88/month at 12 months, US$96.49/month at 15 months, and US$93.57/month at 18 months.

    Do I have that right?

  4. Widget, I've done a similar breakdown by months on a spreadsheet, and found that you need to be looking at 9 months before the benefit of paying a setup cost kicks in. From 9 months upwards, it's best to pay as much as you can afford for setup.

    Unfortunately, none of them can compete in my price range, so I'll probably carry on paying parcel rental.