Monday, June 23, 2008

New Price List for Buying Openspace Sims from Neo-Modern Entertainment

Reading OS sim prices, it seems we've precipitated a price war. That's good, because it means people will be paying lower prices for open space sims no matter where they buy. There are also value added os sims, and people should be willing to pay more if they are getting exactly what they want. But if you want a sim to do whatever you want to with it, then price is your most important measure.

How to read this table: The first column is the monthly tier. The second column is the set up cost you must pay to get that tier.

This means to buy and take possession of the island you have to pay the move in cost, which is the total of the set up costs and the first month's tier.

When comparing prices, remember there are slightly more than 4 weeks per month, so multiply a weekly rate by 4.3 to get the equivalent monthly rate.

Tier  +  Set up  =  Move in   Notes
26500     15000     41500     Name the sim
26000     20000     46000
25500     25000     50500
25000     30000     55000     Choose the place.
24000     35000     59500     Price reduction!
24000     40000     64000     Price promise
23500     45000     68500
23000     50000     73000
22500     55000     77500
22000     60000     82000
21500     65000     86500
21000     70000     91000

All come with Estate Owner rights. Generally we can deliver a new island within 1 hour, depending on LL's land store.

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