Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Intergrid JIRA

With the first log into an open sim from an LL agent domain, Aditi, not Agni, the reality of an open metaverse gets closer. However one aspect of contention is how the IP of creators will be respected. One step we need then is to allow creators to set the permissions for objects to other grids. The default would be only in the grid the object was created in, but to allow objects to move across grids with the intentions of the creator and copyright owner attached, some work needs to be done.

Saijanai Kuhn has proposed a first step on the Jira, that would allow this to be stored. We also need a set of permissions to be saved, and displayed, that would tell people what they are buying. But more on that later. Right now, we need this JIRA voted up so that it can be shown to be an issue of importance.


  1. Voted; thank you for the heads up. Later today, I'll circulate the link in-world.

  2. Yeah, thanks much for the pointer; I was trying to figure out how I was going to find that once it appeared. :) I've put a pointer to it from the "Permissions" part of the AWG "brainstorming" page on the SL wiki, fwiw...


    I also blithered on at length in the JIRA comments. :) Thanks for working to keep the discussion ontopic at the Office Hours...