Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A quick trip down land price lane

I wanted to know what other people are charging, so I did a search of land prices. Now I can't know the private deals that people may offer. Some land sellers offer more in the way of terraforming and building than we do. But that's something you should decide based on a clear look at the prices, whether what they offer is enough "extra" for you.

Let's start with the first one on search:

NOW OFFERING ESTATE MANAGING RIGHTS FULL CONTROL OF THE SIM. Open Space SIM 65536 SQM, with 3750 Prims, Just 50,000L$ to own and 28,600L$ MONTHLY tier. Terraform and Texture this land however you want. Free Financing.

The two numbers that matter are your "move in price," which is what it takes to take control of the sim, that's up front charges plus the first month's rent, and your tier after that. So move in price of 78600 with a tier of 28600.

From us you can get a move in price of 77500, and your tier would be 22500. That's a difference of 6100L a month. So that you can pay for someone else's financing. I don't know how you earn your money on sl, but for an escort, that's a lot of cyber blow jobs.

Aloha? Won't even tell you their prices.

Whisper Sands? Better Service? They don't even tell you their prices. How can it be "better service" when you have to take your time to go to their island to find out what the base price is. We tell you what our rental fee for an island is in the search. In the name even: 7250L week, no other fees.

Land Store? Won't tell you their prices either. Now think about it, if they have a sim doing nothing but being a billboard, that means you are paying for it, because it has to come out of someone's pocket. We don't have billboard sims. If a sim is advertised, it is because it is for rent.

Prize Sands. Says "first month free." There's no such thing. There is move in cost, and tier. That tells you what the sim costs you. So I had to wander over to their website...

Low Prim Sim 65536 sqm, 3750 prims 59999L 108.61 USD (28999L) 59999L

Is their price line. So let's see, move in price of 59500 means from us a tier of 24500L. That means you are paying prize islands 4499L a month more. For? I think those 9's and !'s must cost something. And don't be fooled by "Estate Owner Rights," anyone can do that and it currently doesn't cost anything from LL. So why are you paying 4499L a month more, every month? Well that website and the advertisements have to come from some place, and that someplace is you. And by the way, if you are paying 180.61 for that many linden, you are overpaying, you can get them by ordering a couple of days in advance for $106 by placing a limit by at 275L for $1. The way to do this is setting your Linden Exchange settings to advance, and instead of doing a market order, do a limit by. Type in how many Linden you want, and what you want to pay per linden, though 275 is the cheapest that it will ever be. The advantages of having an rl finance guy as one of the partners, he figures these things out. You can do the same thing in reverse with selling your Linden, where 264L is the cheapest it is going to get. And no, you can't buy at 275 and sell at 264 and make much of a profit. That's why they have currency trading limits.

They don't tell you those things, we do. They can say integrity and service, but we just saved you some money. They think about themselves, we think about you.

Bell Estate is the only one that comes close. Move in of 60K. We beat them by 500L per monht. Or 6000L a year. That's significant.

But if Bell is offering a reasonable price, then Ocean Estate 5 is trying to rob you blind:

100L is for reservation. Buy this whole sim for 85500L (about $295 USD) and pay 28500L ($99 USD) tier for a 4 weeks period. Im me if you have question. No covenant.

Let's add that up. Move in of 85500L, I am assuming that comes with the first month's tier. Let me see, what about a move in cost of 82K, that is 3500L less, and a tier of 22K? That's 6500L less. Or a total of almost 75K less in a year. I'd have had to cyber escorted for 250 hours to amke up the difference. The only word for that price, is screwed. A lot of screwing.

ZweiteWelt? 29,999L. That's a thousand Linden a month more than what we charge. Now they are German speaking, and that may be what you need. But they have an awful lot of empty sims, that's going to cost you.

Hawaii? 16 USD Dollars a month more than we charge.

Windlight? Restrictive covenant and 14USD a month more. And people are going to be boating across your land.

CES Openspace? 9,000L a month more.

So the end of the quick trip shows that there are a few vendors with reasonable prices, and many with very unreasonable prices. Since who you rent from is important, you should check the people with reasonable prices, and see who you want to do business with. The only people in Second Life in a hurry to get you to spend money.... are afraid you will find a better deal. Take your time, your land agent is someone you will do business with a great deal. But you should think about something.

The websites I visited talked about "other people's" prices... and didn't mention Yedo. There's a reason for that, our prices are alot lower. So if who you do business with matters, are you going to start with a vendor who tells you to buy linden the wrong way, charges you more, and won't go through and comparison shop with you and tell you how things work? It's not a good basis to start out from.

But remember, the bottom line is move in price, and tier. They can say "first month free," or not, but it still comes down to the same thing. And whoever you buy from, that is buy not rent, ask for estate owner privileges. They can do that. We do that.

Here is our price list. to get the move in price, add the cost and one month's rent. In each case you will find for the same move in cost, we have lower tier than the competitors who are advertising. Not some vague "others," but naming names and quoting prices from search and their web sites.


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