Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Notes from the Mile High City

We've moved. To 1700M. Why? Because down on the ground people are building their homes and residences, and that means lots and lots and lots of textures and prims. People want to feel at home. Nothing wrong in that. But to really appreciate large vistas means either obsessing over video cards, which I don't do because I play on a lap top, or well... reducing prim clutter in a build.

Thats why we are up here. 1024M does not load the ground textures, and the ground people don't have to see a floating prim above them. It's part of the change that new physics, higher building limits, the patched client make possible. Our sims are now, effectively much much larger. The second generation huge prims open a great deal in terms of building, and within a few months, we will have more. Yes we will see lots of 10x10 clutter builds put out, and people will ohhh and ahhh. Until they can't move around in them.

So things are being set up here at the new level... hope to see you.


1 comment:

  1. The new levels are looking great and I know* you must be pulling all-nighters.

    Meanwhile, my Nicholaz "Bleeding Edge" Edition 1.18.5(3), after months of stability, is crashing again. What should I be loading?