Thursday, June 5, 2008

[I have to start with mentioning that Yedo Shiba is now for rent 7250L/wk, estate manager, no premium required. So that feeds camp hampster....]

For Jay and Cathy

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
first to last is the same again,
in all our elusive infinities,
this fear is seed from which all our thoughts are flowered.
That we might lose a day that we thought we had,
or let slip to virulent dusk and unending twilight,
the only star that shines for us.

When did this first star rise above our private horizon,
and become the same sole beacon which we set our course?
When did it's lucid fingers shine,
and crack the stone wall of churning clouds.
That moment is burned within us,
once, and ever more.

Once and ever more my dears,
hold and huddle close to that tendril,
that slithers through all the everywhere's
and into the here. And hear.
Whose sustenance of compassion is food,
tender meat and soft bread,
to heal the wounds that fortune inflicts,
the trials that destiny chooses to be said,
the sport that outrage slings upon us.
Where by we, taking up arms against a sea of troubles,
extend them.

So precious is each word we speak once.
Once and ever more my dears.
Touch the clos'd eyelids of the beloved in her sleep,
and with your wishes her sacred charity keep.
For some day she will die before she wakes,
Some day her last dawn breaks.
Somewhere is her last happy day,
Some how it will always be that way.

So if this is then and there and thus
Let there never be she and thee,
but let each always say only "us."

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