Thursday, June 5, 2008

Quizas, Quizas, Quizas

Unfortunately right now, I am a boring person. I'm doing a great deal of work on gettingthings going here on our new business. It's not as glamorous as escorting by any menas. I don't have lots of free money to spend on clothes and sex beds, because those are consumption, as oppose to part of what I do here for money. But the worst part of all is the pervasive fear that I've become... dull.

Gone are is the sense of having in my hands the pulsing passions of other souls, and with it the urge to write in poetic flights about the depths of human emotion. Instead, I spend my time being rather dreary, collecting rent, and telling people not to leave prims bellow the 700M limit.

Is this all that VR is, that as soon as we turn to making something of it, we must lose the very joy of living in it? I hope not, but quizas, quizas, quizas. It is strange when a tenant recognizes my name, or has read my blog. Or something. It makes me understand what it must be like to be an aging star owning a restaurant, r some other way to trade off a flower whose bloom has wilted, and whose petals now drift gently to earth, veins browned by the oxygen that rips the fragile chains of life apart.

And so it is with me, my time as a bloom of SL was, necessarily, only as long as it could be, and a single season of flowering was all that it was graced with.

However, the other side is that Yedo is growing and will continue to grow, that people are moving in, participating in this new place, and in this new kind of organization. It is not some palace city that is exclusive and expensive. On the contrary, it is relatively inexpensive to rent with us, and it is a growing and increasingly vibrant place. It has new entrepreneurs, clubs, stores, and is the home of SLNN's tower. It has art and commerce in differing measures, as well as quiet residential places for those who want ot relax as they work. London Spengler of Pandora HUD is here, as are others you do not know yet, but might some day.

Will it work? Quizas, quizas, quizas.


  1. Adrenaline rushes aside, you underestimate your influence and value. Hang in there; your very real biochemistry and your oh so creative mind need time to adjust to the life of the non celebrity. Perhaps to make room for the celebrity ahead. Courage!

  2. I highly doubt you will ever become 'dull'
    Some time is needed to adjust and you will be firing on all cylinders again :)

  3. Mono no aware, eh?

    I cannot imagine you ever being dull.

  4. You are all too kind. I think I need to do some good writing again, and all will be right with the world.

    The Lady Mayor of Yedo is in.

  5. Damn, and here I was getting tired of being the landlord and was thinking of selling my region to Yedo. It's work and it is boring.

    You are an artist. You are a force.