Thursday, October 23, 2008

Energy with Watts and friends

"ENERGY AT THE CROSSROADS" - Eikios Commonwealth

The first in a series of interactive discussions on Ecology, Energy, Economics and Our Common Energy Future.

Hosted by Watts Larson

Date: Thursday, October 23rd 2008
Time: 5:00 PM SLT/PDT

On Eikos Commonwealth

The panelists and audience will discuss and debate the energy choices facing US in November.

Watts Larson is the director of the Northwest Solar Center at Washington State University.

In SL, WSU/Shoreline CC helps finance projects through the Green Islands Project.

The panel this evening :

Edsel Heinkel - * Smart Grid * Paul
holds a BS Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of
Massachussetts, and an MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University in
Florham Park, NJ. Currently, Paul is serving as the Comverge
representative to the Mid Atlantic Grid Interactive Cars consortium,
and is leading the charge toward embedding V2G capabilities into a
comprehensive Demand Response solution set for utility programs.

Jimbo Hoyer - * High Tech Space energy * Quote: "The
surest sign of intelligent life in the universe is the fact it has not
tried to contact us."

WilliamThewise Goodman – * Energy & Communities *
Owner of Etopia Island, an environmentally sustainable village. This
Island is a showcase for individuals, organizations and businesses
wanting to offer goods and services which promote a socially and
environmentally sustainable world.

October 2008 Intermediaries :

SL's Troy McLuhan, RL's Troy McConaghy
B.Sc. in applied math and physics from the U of S
PhD in astrodynamics from Purdue University.

SL's Paolo Rousselot / RL's Peter Lundquist
RL business - HeatSaver Thermal Shades - Office on Etopia Island with
new showroom under construction on Han Loso!
Heat saver shades

Host: Watts Larsson
Producer: Bevan Whitfield
Producer: Sloan Skjellerup

A Northwest Solar Center at Washington State University Sponsored Project

Some disclosures: Sloan's a friend of mine, so is Jimbo. I do work for his Virtually Speaking show. Watts is very knowledgeable, I've heard him in our salons for Outlook (more on that later today!)

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