Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rivers of Eden

Mine eyes, my eyes are teared with dust and grit,
at all the ages I have cried for you, alone and cried.
My eyes bleed the truth of you, for all that I have seen.

Is this all, for me to be left standing and staring
out an open door, as you trod to regions left unknown.
Where was once my happiness,
in the glorious noon of your love.

Where was then? Where now am I?

Having lost my self and soul into you.
Having fallen like arch angel from heavans dark,
into the land, that you promised,
of my fertility.

Where was then? Where, o where,
Where was then? Where am I now?

Where are the lush gardens you whispered of,
grown by touch of your hand?
Where is the ripening of the seed?
Where is any or all of it?

What is it that vanished illusion that I saw?
Where flowed the rivers of mine,
into desert Eden?

Where is it now? And what was it ever then,
only mirage and mirrored of the life.

Oh my eyes, bliss driven to agony, tears torrent
are that left in the light of ecstatic twilight,
that is scraped with ecliptic dusk.

Oh my eyes, they are see through dust and tears,
when once they were open blind.

Where is it now? It is where it was then.
In something called, something called,
a dream.

Let me sleep and dream of you.
Nothing but of you, nothing else for you.
It was all for you.
I can think of nothing but your locks asleep,
all ready in home and keep.
What once, what once, where.
Where oh where are you now?

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