Monday, October 27, 2008

Well it looks like things are going to change, alot.

This means the end of the openspace boom.

Many of us will be out of business, or have to change openspaces back to normal estates, because the difference in tier is going to be very large. It means changing pricing structures and everything else.

Personally I think this is an unwise decision by LL, but clearly they want to get rid of the openspace rental business, and only have full sims as rentals. It may mean that we will have to combine and sell our sims to others, and hope to recover enough. Current holders will be contacted, and we will do what we can transition people quarter full sims as we can.

Nothing I can do about this, unfortunately.


  1. I've been reading through the comments on SL Forums- - and the vast majority of folks see this as a cheat, a fraud, and the death knell of SL as a viable way to create, relate and enjoy. I wonder what we'll hear from Jack tomorrow.

  2. Some people are going to make lots of money from it, they love it.

    Some people are going to lose lots of money from it. They hate it.

    This was a beautiful time. I am sad it happened this way.

  3. Lillie,

    I am sorry for this to hit you. Your group ran a very competitive service with a great care of me as a customer. I hope you will be able to switch into some new field of business.

    Guess my mainland may become more valuable because of this, but then again the dream of my own SIM is now further removed, so I feel rather sorry for this change.

    I can't understand why the Lindens don't try to embrace and profit on this success instead of trampling it down. But then again they may have other agendas, such as making their new mainland even more attractive.


  4. I'm thinking of you. In fact my first thought after hearing this was about you, my second about my SL-sister who uses her OS as a private home. Hugs.

  5. No we weren't competitive, we didn't charge anywhere near enough. As a business person, I should have been illegal and dishonest, because that is what works in Second Life.

    The reason it is the scam-conomy, is because Linden Lab is a criminal organization runnning a scam. The greedy people who ran a cartel, did ok.

    The reasonable people who used this to fund their second life, and charged reasonably. Well, we are gone.

  6. Oh, stop it. You're absolutely ridiculous -- and despicable. You would think you were God's gift to simkind -- have you forgotten so quickly your gloating and bragging and smugness about "managing a revenue stream" of all your openspace sims, pretending *you* weren't a greedy landlord?! It was shameful.

    Many of us will keep on in SL, adjusting, taking losses, serving our customers as we always did. Don't think the good people are gone just because you're throwing a petulant tantrum.