Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How not to be an escort on second life

hmmmm... she should have come to me.

First, getting a good avatar, or good enough, takes about 2 hours of freebie raiding.

Second, the thing to do is to get to vox. Vox. Vox. Put this in your profile. You'll get offers, even if just for cyber.

Third, the thing to do is to go to "freelance" clubs, and then get an ad. You can get advice.

Fourth, speed of computer is much less important than being able communicate.

Three weeks. Hmmm, that's slow. Samantha! It's easier than that! Really.

But what's better about sl these days, is there are a lot more options.

Time to actually write I suppose. Getting started in any business in sl is about three things, learning sl, learning to create your content, and meeting people. The first part is learning the client and how to find things, including what is free and what is for pay. The second part is learning about the tools used to create the content that you are interested in. This could be in sl tools, or photoshop, or poser, or learning to use sound. The last part is about meeting people, and using contacts.

The best advice on the first part is to talk to people who are mentors, and to do a quick google search on the topics that interest you. A search on building in sl turns up useful links quickly. SL is communication rich, but information poor. It is hard to find things. But a search on freebies turns up fabulously free, which is where almost anyone entering sl should start for improving their avatar, including access to things like coupons.

The best advice on the second part also starts with a google search, but goes to using in world search well. Traffic is a weird thing. Too much means too crowded, and often a bot farm or newbie dump. Too little means too many empty hours. Middle upper traffic is the best indicator. Crowded enough to be filled with people at different hours that have some knowledge, and not crowded enough to drive experienced users crazy. Want to build? Look for a sandbox, like the one run by my friend Arthur Fermi.

The third part goes deeper. It comes from having a basically positive assurance about who you are and what you want. Having a sense of self and direction, more than being a shopper, is key to it. People who know what they want and project themselves, will work out.

So that's the three step advice for anything: search the web, search the grid, and search inside yourself to present to others the person you want them to see.


  1. Step for might be 'learn the exchange rate.' If memory serves, $1 USD = about 260L. So rather than 50 cents, 35 lindens is closer to 15 cents. Not quite pin money.

  2. Good heavens... was that her standing naked at the Ahern Welcome Center?!

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