Wednesday, October 1, 2008

MMO Glider Loses Lawsuit in WoW case.

Many of my friends are talking about this, and I am not sure what it means for SL, but clearly there has to be some relationship to the ways people access games.

That and it shows that there is something perverse about a game that people want to skip the game part of the game.


  1. Well..... It mostly lets you skip the part of the game when you are a relatively low-level character. So people who mostly want to run around on their war-mounts with big shiny weapons and high skills like skipping to that part!

    (I like the lower levels myself, although even I get a bit bored in the level 30-40 "dead zone"; Blizzard fiddled with things recently so that that part goes faster, and you can get your first riding mount at 30 instead of 40. All games have their more and less interesting parts...)

  2. I have a general dislike of the MCA, but on the other hand, I despise botters. Botting is also used for gold farming and for competitive games (player versus player) where it actually reduces the enjoyment of other players rather significantly, as bots are always pretty stupid and therefor bad players.

    However, the way WoW is set up makes it very easy to create bots, because they have a very very powerful scripting language.