Thursday, October 30, 2008

I don't live here any more

I don't live here any more

Broken by circumstance,
Left without a chance,
without place or romance.
The future is not glistening.

I don't want fortune,
I don't want fame,
I just want the past,
where everything was the same.

I came here to escape,
the failures of my past,
the marriage that is dwindling,
like late winter kindling,
It's not to last.

I don't want money,
more than I need,
I didn't come here,
out of aravice or greed.
I just wanted sunlight
instead of rain.

I just need someone,
who understands,
who can feel me,
without using hands,
and if you tell me,
that these are imagined lands...

I'll agree,
because you see,
I don't live here anymore,
I don't want drama or war.
That's not what this second life is for.
But now I've got a poverty of hope,
at the end of my rope,
but riches of memories galore!

Sometimes I try to write, and realize I already wrote it. I only wish the composer who wanted to set these words had stayed in sl.

But that's this place, dreams that die on the vine.

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