Saturday, March 1, 2008

Three Linden Opera: I don't Live here anymore


You can knock on my door,
you can walk on my floor,
you can can call me a whore,
I don't care.

You can recite forgotten lore,
You can say things others can't ignore,
You can be rich or poor,
It's thin as air.

You can break or restore,
You can recite the lines of Elisnore,
You can shout till your sore,
I won't compare.

What you don't seem to know,
in your little ego's glow,
it ceased to matter log ago.
I don't live here anymore.

It doesn't matter whether resident,
or multi-national president,
with a plan or by accident,
I'm not listening.

Broken by circumstance,
Left without a chance,
without place or romance.
The future is not glistening.

I don't want fortune,
I don't want fame,
I just want the past,
where everything was the same.

I came here to escape,
the failures of my past,
the marriage that is dwindling,
like late winter kindling,
It's not to last.

I don't want money,
more than I need,
I didn't come here,
out of aravice or greed.
I just wanted sunlight
instead of rain.

I just need someone,
who understands,
who can feel me,
without using hands,
and if you tell me,
that these are imagined lands...

I'll agree,
because you see,
I don't live here anymore,
I don't want drama or war.
That's not what this second life is for.
But now I've got a poverty of hope,
at the end of my rope,
but riches of memories galore!

Why can't I live here, any more?
Why don't you love me, any more?
Because I could not love you, any more,
than I did,
I admit, I was stupid...
Why can't you forgive?
Loose this in memory's sieve?
And let our love live?

But I can tell you have moved on,
and to someone else belong.
You don't live with me any more.
Any more.
Any more.

I don't want slebrity,
to have a well known name,
if I were someone else,
it would be just a game,
but I can't extinguish,
this yearning flame.

It's like a chain is tied,
from deep in my inside,
I've only felt this once before,
and that was before marriage was a bore.

I don't want fortune,
I don't want fame,
I just want the past,
when love was tame.

I don't care what fate,
now has in store,
because it's too late,
I don't live here any more.

Those words they chill me,
unto my core,
but soon I'll no longer be...
Because I,
Don't live here...

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