Friday, March 7, 2008

One of my friends has started a most interesting referral service... and one which fills, I think, a niche... if only people will take advantage of it. Since I have gotten here,or at least not long after I have gotten here, many people have asked whether it would be possible to provide actual escorting, or courtesan services. Well, I think Shrutiyan Anatra is about to test the idea. I've seen exclusive access for discerning patrons work, but the relentless churn of the demand for free pulls against it. Can we have erotica to match the already present porn? I don't know... but I would like to find out.

But a society can not long last if if demands that people pay to play and for pixels, but tells them that what they contribute to the world, is free for the taking.

Kama Sutra Institute
~~~ Kama Sutra Bhavan ~~~ A *Private* Learning Institution
and Kama Sutra Couture - ethnic fashion

‘Where are you going, beautiful hips … to whose body will those swelling close-set breasts of yours like the golden goblets grant their touch? Who will mount swiftly into your broad secret parts, that are like a great golden wheel enclosed in a golden band, the embodiment of heaven?’ ~~ The Ramayana

Welcome to The Kama Sutra Institute, where the pursuit of pleasure in SL is put in the proper perspective of Dharma, Artha and Kama. In this tradition, sexual desire is recognized as innately and simply divine in nature, and the pursuit of earthly delight as crucial in the karmic cycle as any other social or spiritual pursuit; the ancient sages acknowledged that the sexual act itself elevated the spirit to that realm of bliss from which all of creation was engendered. Our activities will include round-table discussions, learning workshops, private study and our own retail clothing line.

Please IM me with a request to join the Kama Sutra Institute group.
There are three main sections:

Apsaras, our referral service for 'celestial courtesans'; able to seduce the most pious saddhu…in the epics there are tales of penitents who were so fired with lust at the mere sight of these heavenly nymphs that they were immediately thrown into orgasm.

Maharajas, the select patrons of our coterie. Maharajas, in addition to enjoying the benefit of our divine company, are treated to special members-only performances and lectures at the Institute.

Kama Sutra Couture members enjoy updates and freebies from our fashion line. Kama Sutra Couture is dedicated to provideing the finest in Indian ethnic fashion and the best possible customer service. If you feel strongly about the work, please nominate me for the Best New Designer category at the Merovingi Fashion Awards:

All the best,
Shrutiyan Anatra

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