Friday, March 21, 2008

LyonFrench Korobase

Didn't like being exposed as a jerk on my blog. He came, insulted me, demanded I remove his name, and then, would not leave so I had to ban and eject him.

This is why I dislike men who are running around orgy rooms being egotistic and unpleasant. They have an attitude that women are free whores for their use, and that that is the way the world should be.

Culminating with that typical insult of egotistical men who have not been able to threaten their way to what they want "you are crazy!" His profile says he dreams of a world without religion and hard drugs, but clearly also a world without manners and where women are meant to be used and abused by awful men.

(and if he is going to spend as much as he does on clothes, he really needs to get some better shoes...)


  1. Maybe there is some way of categorizing these avatars?

    Sort of like troll-rating?

  2. The principle of rooms(chambers) for the orgies in sl is just for the sex without feelings, everybody knows him(it) except you... Lillie Yifu you are lesbian to speak about men(people) like that...
    J the women love and respect them.
    Respect people also.


  3. I don't know, I think right now LyonFrench is sort of proving my point that men like this have no morals or manners, and feel that grunting out a couple of syllables every 5 minutes is enough to produce a screaming orgasm in every woman who isn't a lesbian.

    I'm not against orgy rooms, but that's really what they aren't. In real orgies, single heterosexual males aren't allowed, they have to bring partners.

    What men really want in an orgy room is a free rl whore, though they will settle for a free sl whore if they can get one.

  4. Lyonfrench, this has nothing to do with feelings for your partner or not, it is just about being a good lover when you have sex. And being a good lover in SL means LOTS and LOTS of text, imaginative text, funny text, caring text.

    THAT is respect, and using the word lesbian as a form of cursing tells loads about you and your respect for others.

  5. lyonfrench is probably French...

    Hum... I thought French males had more imagination, I can tell you, I am French myself.

    But I am from south-west, maybe in Lyon they behave differently...

  6. Every nationality has its men who are... less.