Friday, March 14, 2008

Upload Download Lather Rinse Repeat

I log in to my lover,
Upload Download Lather Rinse, Repeat
He is from far across another sea.
Upload Download Lather, Rinse, Repeat.
My fingers on keys flutter,
my heart it has a stutter,
on the screen my eyes a hover.

Upload Download. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

It's not what you think,
or maybe yes it is.
I only have eyes, for that face of his.
Crash out, Login, Deruth. Lather Rinse, Repeat.
I long ot hear the typing from half a world away,
he's always in my thoughts, each and every day.
He's in my dreams,
when into sleep I sink.
I don't care who he is,
because he brings me to the brink.

It is the clutter of words that pour forth
they crackle, brute and brittle as he takes me,
they whisper soft and sooting, as he holds me
in the coming of ever light that rapidly chases
to a silver dawn that comes hour after hour.

The red is burning, buring from the sun,
and flowering in my face, flush
a dreamscape erewhon.
It haunts me in the day,
I look for his face upon the city street.

I put our song in iTunes,
with its driving simple beat.
Upload, download, lather rinse, repeat.
It joined us once,
on distant moon,
where we once did greet,
and fumbled for a thought that would create entry
into this, the world we carried with us.

Upload, Download, Lather Rinse, repeat.

Now driving scattered shatter all the boundaries that we made,
we've shared every moment, and left nothing left unsaid.
I, gidddy with the ecstasy that stalks my shaking limbs
finally ache to join the flesh to flesh,
and be totally withined.

Push me, press me, penetrate me.
In load, out load, shally la
I am incoherent for this sin.

But that's the turn that struck,
when finally the eyes made contact
and found a truth that broke the contract.
My lover is like me.
My lover is a she.

That time my senses still experience,
as my senses then did whir,
no longer was the backdrop the sound of hard drive whir,
but beating heart, once kept apart.

And sixty times the solistice summer sun,
has touched her brow in its rhythm to be run.
Her life is muchly over,
and mine is just begun.

Our love is still within,
though other bodies do we don.

And so we retreated backwards, to the Second Life we knew,
there wasn't anything else, that I willingly could do.

I still hover on my keyboard,
and wait for every tryst,
my eyes they gleam like diamonds,
my pearl an amethyst.

What rift of fate has made us twain,
and still of one hart,
and denied us flesh and blood,
so we are apart.

But now and here we have and this is all,
and I push my mind back to shape,
before the dream kingdom's fall.

Upload Lillie Download, La La Lather Rinse Repeat.

I login for my lover,
who I love from crown down to his feet,
though never ever ever more,
in analog we meet.



  1. Extraordinary - this poem has captured what so many must have gone/be going through. Seeing it here gives consolation in the midst of pain and confusion.

    Thank you - sincerely

  2. I picked one mismatch, but really the story of people who are perfect for each other in SL, but would never be together RL, is one told a thousand times.