Friday, March 28, 2008

LL to Sue Sierra Leone

[Note this is a parody.]

Today Linden Labs announced that it had sent Cease and Desist letters to the United Nations, Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, and the Republic of Sierra Leone for infringing on their trademark of "SL." The reason listed is that Sierra Leone's TLD of "sl" infringes on Linden Labs' trademark of those letters in the realm of computer services.

The Linden Lab's business department has said that they will vigorously enforce the trademarking of SL, and plans lawsuits against Microsoft,SL Industries and is considering others against SL Start.

In the press release the California based private company said that it's lawyers are researching sending a C&D letter to the Oxford English Dictionary for using words like "slime", "slippery," "slide," and "slander." According to the company all uses of S and L together constitute potential infringement.


  1. A friend of mine who is an attorney, said he doesn't mind lawyer jokes, so much as people who have lawyers that are jokes. The laws on this are confused, but then we are dealing with very slippery notions. The policy, as written, is almost certain not to stand up in court.

    It will probably take some clashes to figure out where the boundaries are, which is silly. Companies should not be fighting with their customers.

  2. *nearly chokes on her tea*

    Oh yes, please ! Thank you , Lillie :)