Saturday, March 1, 2008

Fix the in world browser

Lots of people are waiting for HTML on a prim, but right now HTML in world is a big deal. That's why Gwyn wrote on it. That's why jira vwr-5004 was created and has 35 votes already. That's why Hamlet said that LL should do this sooner rather than later.

Here is why you should... even if you don't always use the in client browser.

Open a notecard. Pretty awful isn't it? No embedded images. Terrible editing capabilities, only a few kinds of links. And if you do use those links, the notecard can't be read by a script. Notecards can't be written to by a script. That's why we all used the now terminally broken "Object Description" field, because it was a user and script editable space for configuration. Was, it now truncates to zero often enough to make it useless except for static objects. Uggh.

Now put on a copy of wikiHUD. Realize that it can read an unlimited amount from the web, in 2048K chunks. A simple click to a webpage, and it is user editable. With pictures, and web links, and templates to include other information. And it doesn't get lost in the asset server. Scripts can write to it, and read from it. What is missing?

Right, a simple way of opening up an in world browser to do all of this. This is only one of dozens of use examples. Consider email, or checking on the status of your in-world gadgets.

Also consider something else if you are a self-identified immersionist. Consider that your outworld web browser is loaded with your analog avatars cookies, accounts and so on. Your in world browser could be your digital avatar, and nothing else.

Finally, this is a feature that is already there from on-rez. It's a capability everyone will want.

What is being asked for in the JIRA.

Well, it seems obvious to label the in world browsers as... an in world browser. If they are uprooting everything with "dazzle," then someone someplace could take the time to change a menu option. This, should not even need to be asked for.

Not much work, but very useful, would be to have the option of directing web commands to the in world browser, through, for example llLoadURL() in scripts. This would include mystitool and other scripts that scan for urls and give the user a chance to open them.

More work, but more reward is to add cut and paste between the browser and in world. This is not entirely simple, but it isn't entirely hard either. With cut and paste, it becomes easy to transfer information from the web to sl, and from sl to things like email. Yahoo mail works just fine in world.

Then there are some features that would give us two windows at a time. Better, I agree, would be to have multiple windows for the browser, but until then, can we at least get the search browser and the help browser to both be open and working?

Finally, make a landmark type asset, a URL, so that we can easily trade bookmarks.

It does not need to be on a prim, just in the land of prims.

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