Sunday, March 9, 2008

Three Linden Opera: Then I'll be a Star!

(Generally I don't have anything to say about the music in this, but for very specific reasons I want this number to be based on tunes from Marche Slav)

What's going on?
Something is up!
Something is wrong!
Have you heard the rumors?
Does anyone know?
We don't know what to do, or which way to go!

Prokofiev Never:
I know what's going on.

Can you tell us?

Prokfiev Never:
I will tell you, because I can,
About their evil plan.
First they'll ban casinos,
And as every body knows,
Then they'll ban sex,
And we will come to blows.
Then they will require,
Before the coming of the snows
Everyone to wear latex
And cut off all their toes!

Who? How?

Prokfiev Never:
You'll have to listen closely,
Because it's hard to understand,
But I will lay it out,
In the palm of my hand.

It's a sexual sickness,
Combined with a terminal hipness,
That's killing all the commerce,
And strangling all the business

To be right, it is my fate,
If they would listen to me,
Before it's too late.
All the world would then realize
The plain truth right before their eyes.
Away with conspiracies,
And undiscovered lies.

Away with conspiracies,
And undiscovered lies.

This place is locked
In a the trap of Leninists,
And the Age players
That are on their supporter lists.
It's age playing Leninists,
And the evil nanny state,
So rally to my banner,
We're headed for failure,
at a terrifying rate!

Follow my words carefully,
As I've wandered all the worlds endlessly,
And to the rulers of them all I, mercilessly,
Handed out the punishment deservedly.

With gods I've wrestled,
With demons I have spared,
When in fame I'm nestled
Then I'll be a star!

And where ever I have gone,
The same, the same thing has been wrong,
Age playing Leninists, you'll find them by the spate,
Who run the evil feted core, and the nanny state.

Hunt down the age playing Leninists,
And there will be smiles,
Destroy the dangerous nanny state,
With it's evil wiles.

I've hounded high and mighty,
And exposed their blunders,
With polished prose brightly,
Which I will say modestly,
Is among the metaversal wonders.

If you follow me through,
Then you will go far,
Then I'll have my due,
And I'll be a star!

Hunt the age playing Leninists,
And keep our teens safe,
Down with the nanny state,
With their casino hate.

Everything is a plot
To get more than what you've got,
And I live by the only creed,
To bash back every other greed,
I have what I have,
and you'll give yours to me.

Let's look at all the building going on
Can't you see that's completely wrong,
Their using up your resources
It's too me that they belong.

It's a conspiracy of Leninists,
With their destructive wiles,
Age playing nanny state,
With their false smiles.

I know all there is to know
And written brilliant tracts.
I've uncovered the under tow
The Lolita-Leninist party backs
Because I think it so
Those are the facts!

Once you follow all my orders,
You'll be free to go far,
Once there are no more Leninists,
Then I'll be a star!

Down with age playing Leninists,
With their evil smiles,
Down with the nanny state,
And it's destructive wiles!

So when you are all free,
Then I'll be a star.
Follow my orders,
And then I'll be a czar.

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