Monday, March 3, 2008

Three Linden Opera: Me

Bruthea: (Sung to Mack)

Touch Me, Tease Me, Teach me, Tell Me.
Tempt Me, Turn me, take me, twist me.
And I'll be, every girl, you want me to be.

Use me, through me, you'll see, I'll be
Everything you have hungered from need.

I am, your doll, inside, outside
A one night, thrill ride, to use as you want.

I have no, ego, I'm just for show,
You see how eager and wanton I know.

Twist me, turn me, use me, burn me,
Rape me, take me, to where I've not been,

Torture, and kill me, beheading will thrill me,
Bake me, boil me, and serve me for lunch.

Shoe me with iron, force me on sires,
Pony or princess it's all the same thing.

Touch me, tease me, teach me debauchery,
Take from the the will, to hold to my own.

Whip me and beat me, I'll spank my self
And release,
Into the microphone.

The cries of desperation, the sighs of inspiration,
The bleeding of frustration,
At a life that is drab.

Crush me like a flower, that dies in a hour,
Force me into tower, or other slave pose,

Because in this destruction
That is my instruction,
I've found an ecstatic moment
Quieting frantic movement.

And I am your slave, as you wish me to be.

Touch me. Tease me, please me, release me,
And then in the real world to you I belong.

What's wrong?
What's wrong?
What's wrong?

Have I said, something off?
Something wrong?

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