Tuesday, March 4, 2008

WikiHUD v1.05

This is an important release, and everyone should update to it.

  • Fixed runaway bug when articles with a single section would endlessly query in full mode on some mediawikis. (including as it turns out the Caledon wiki)
  • Support for Caledon wiki.
  • Wiki Based help.
  • Recent mode displays recent source and article queried.

As usual the original is free and open source, and you can get yours by just coming to 22nd Century Yedo.

Many thanks to Valentine Janus, Otenth Paderborn and Excalibur Longstaff with their help with this version.

Excalibur Longstaff is working on adding some features to the Caledon wiki that hikiHUD will support when they are ready for general use... I am not sure how much to say, so I will leave it to him to explain when he is ready...

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