Monday, March 17, 2008

Halcyon Shui: I have a right to Spam!

We all know that Abuse Reports come in two flavors. The kind which is on a short list of things LL actually cares about... which can have an account deleted within minutes. And things they don't care about, which are ignored. This is why SL Banlink exists. It is also why I post various misdeeds to the blog, because that is one way that people learn not to simply spam other people.

[2008/03/09 19:14] Halcyon Shui: hi there, apologies for the drive by IM, but i'm organising a private orgy at my apartment for a straners sex fantasy,if you're interested, please reply to this
-- End of Log ---
[0:16] Halcyon Shui: hi there, apologies for the drive by IM, but i'm hosting a private orgy at my apartment, if you're interested in joining, just reply to this

Halcyon Shui: only cause they don't have the time and they're really busy, but i only invite people that don't look like they just use excite and were born yesterday, but this is the second time i've picked up flack for inviting someone twice, so i'm actually apologising sincerely and have made a point only to ask someone once, which is not spamming

There it is from his own mouth, Halcyon Shui says he has the right to spam, so long as, in his sole judgment, the woman was asking for it. And it is all better if he is very sorry for having been caught. He also didn't learn from the first time. This is almost the definition of spamming, cut and paste come ons.

Welcome to Google.

After arguing with me for some time Halcyon admitted that spamming was lame, and that he would not do it any more. I'm keeping the post, because it is equally lame to post and then delete. But it is beyond lame to leave something in the wrong place. Every so often I have written in anger. A few people have had the courage to face the problem and discuss. I always value these people, it is an act of rare bravery.

Go in peace Halcyon, and find the best in all your worlds.

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