Monday, March 10, 2008


I've been spending a great deal of time thinkng about my second life. And it is tiem to make some changes, but also for me to do a few things that I think are lacking. One is covering discussion in SL better. So from now on, when I can, i will be attending as many discussions as possible, and blogging about them.


The 1970s film Soylent Green depicted a grim future in which a massively overpopulated Earth had been almost utterly ruined by intensive farming, deforestation and fishing. Food prices are so high only the superich can afford fresh meat, fruit and veg, while the masses eat a bland substance called Soylent Green (which turns out to be made from the corpses of dead people!).

Will this grim tale always remain just fiction? Come and discuss with Extropia. All welcome.

1530 SLT

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