Saturday, May 23, 2009

Content Camping is Good, Money Camping has always been bad.

As you may or may not know, I have always hated camping for money. It has always been a bad idea, and, as we see, it is about to be banned. Not because it is a bad idea, but because of the iron law of Second Life Grid:

LL cannot expand concurrency, so must increase the value per avatar.

Campers and camping bots are concurrency with little gain. Once upon a time, when camping rates were higher, camping was a kind of corporate dole. Bread and  Circuses. Since almost all of the money went back into LL, it was of no consequence. Then came teh fake banks, and people tried to camp and bank. But this alone did nothing to LL, since they took their cut along the way. However, camping was killed by bots. This was intended. LL knew that it would do that, allowed it. It did that. Camping is gone for money. Like the strip houses, the great camping farms are now bot farms. 

When looking at their ledger, LL had to realize that campers were not valuable concurrency, and so they have to go. Moral? If this were moral, LL could have eradicated camping long ago. They put in controls to stop gambling transactions, they could have killed camping transactions at the same time. That they did not is proof that they did not, at that time, care.

But there is a kind of camping which is traffic legitimate, and LL friendly: content camping. Lucky chairs, MM boards and the like are giving out something which is of little to no use to a bot, but is of use to a resident. This will go on until LL decides that freebie hunters, need to die a short sharp death. Then they will ban that too.

The one reality here is that LL does nothing that is moral, a great deal that is illegal, and no one should every think that because they get some short term gain out of what LL does that it is "good" or "bad."

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