Friday, May 22, 2009

Wanted by Boston Area Artist: Gorgeous brainless sluthole who has a thing for the nastiest looking man she can find.

Yes, men in the art world behave this way in real life. This jerk should hope I never review one of his art shows, because I am pretty sure I could pick out his work. His avatar, after two years, had a freebie cock, and a playdope skin. And guess what... he wanted me to go and fuck him free and instant... or I am a mean mean person.

The reality, flesh, is that yes, this is the kind of person you have to deal with to get a show, or entry into a gallery.

[2:31]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: wow. some outfit.
[2:31]  Lillie Yifu: thank you.
[2:31]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: pretty impressive. yw
[2:32]  Lillie Yifu: any one can be pretty here
[2:32]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: yes, but you're making it an art form
[2:32]  Lillie Yifu: I love beautiful things. The human body is beautiful.
[2:33]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: I feel the same way, Im an artist
[2:33]  Lillie Yifu: what kind of art do you do?
[2:33]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: painting, mostly
[2:34]  Lillie Yifu: how interesting... still life? portrait? landscape?
[2:34]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: landscape, mostly. Some of everything. Cityscapes.
[2:34]  Lillie Yifu: I see. Do you have a favorite medium?
[2:35]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: Oils, and watercolors. What about you? Artistic?
[2:35]  Lillie Yifu: yes
[2:35]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: what do you do?
[2:35]  Lillie Yifu: irl or in sl?
[2:35]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: in rl.
[2:36]  Lillie Yifu: I study art history. I am better with three dimensional media, such as sculpture.
[2:36]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: thats great. Do you sculpt?
[2:36]  Lillie Yifu: yes
[2:36]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: in what?
[2:37]  Lillie Yifu: I work with several different kinds, clay, chisel, I've cast bronzes
[2:37]  Lillie Yifu: I also do graphic arts
[2:37]  Lillie Yifu: both print and for computers
[2:37]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: nice, Ive always wanted to try bronze
[2:37]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: me too
[2:37]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: lol not in SL. Its my relax place
[2:37]  Lillie Yifu: I see
[2:38]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: well, illie, you're an interesting girl :)
[2:38]  Lillie Yifu: thank you
[2:39]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: yw
[2:39]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: :) part of you is still gray
[2:40]  Lillie Yifu: it is a laggy sim, so people load slowly.
[2:40]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: I can tell. your hair is pretty though!
[2:41]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: Are you meeting soomeone? I dont want to keep you
[2:41]  Lillie Yifu: no I'm not meeting someone
[2:41]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: :) good
[2:42]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: its always a little hard when you run into people in these kinds of rooms and end up lucky in conversation
[2:42]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: hard to ask "So, what brings you here?" lol
[2:42]  Lillie Yifu: younever know who you might meet
[2:42]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: true true
[2:43]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: where are u from, lillie?
[2:43]  Lillie Yifu: East coast of the US
[2:44]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: me too, Boston area
[2:45]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: thats better
[2:47]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: still lagging
[2:48]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: should we move on, lillie?
[2:48]  Lillie Yifu: what do you have in mind?
[2:48]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: something more just about the 2 of us

(Note the long pause here, I didn't want to say anything.)

[2:50]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: what do you think?
[2:50]  Lillie Yifu: I think your avatar is insanely ugly and it says that you are proably an incompetent artist because you not only have no taste, but not respect for fellow human beings either
[2:51]  Lillie Yifu: I think guys who have cocks hanging out of their pants are creepy irl
[2:51]  Lillie Yifu: and I haven't seen anything in sl to convince me differently
[2:51]  Lillie Yifu: I think you should go infest someoene else's day
[2:51]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: On the plus side, I'm not a nasty person.
[2:51]  Lillie Yifu: good bye
[2:51]  Lillie Yifu: oh you are as nasty as they come
[2:51]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: wow. what a horrid human you are.
[2:51]  Lillie Yifu: right
[2:52]  Lillie Yifu: thatwas stupid

He later added when I sent him the link:

[2:58]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: you're not seriously bothering to talk to me anymore, are you, hypocrite?
[2:59]  Lillie Yifu: nice touch
[3:00]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: "all bodies are beautiful". Sounds like hypocrasy to me.

Which, of course, is not what I said. It's in the chat log.

[3:01]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: Thats what you said at the start of our chat. Please, dont you have anything better to do? Go find a friend.

I am sure his art is just overflowing with the richness of human empathy and kindness...

[3:03]  Gabriel5555 Redgrave: Man, you just keep getting more pathetic.

Yes I am sure that truth and beauty are pathetic to someone like this. Remember, he is an artist. Such depth of soul. I am astounded by his rich understanding of the human psyche. 

OK so I should cut down on the snark.

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