Monday, May 25, 2009

Thalia's board

Thalia's taste is like Couture UK in SL from about a year ago. If that is your thing, you will love her clothes. What she is however, is outrageously generous for people who join her group, and runs huge Midnight Mania boards.  One can get an huge swath of wardrobe by  just joining her group, putting in picks and spending some time sorting. She's good, mastering the total range of skills, and treating people very well. You could pay a great deal of linden for clothes worse than this.

I like everything I got there, and will go back and shop later. But I had to pas this on for as long as she is doing it, because it is an amazingly good five minutes to spend, and at the size of her current customer base, it is not exactly a secret.

So have Christmas in June. And thank Thalia by remembering the next time you have some Linden crying to get out of your purse, which designers have been generous to you.

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