Monday, May 25, 2009

Second Shrink just Shrunk

Promoting bigotry and sexism for traffic is always a bad idea. Why did Johnny4sls do it? Because it is profitable, and there is no penalty for it. On the contrary, bigots get noticed.

Porky is female. She makes a big deal out of this when it is to her advantage. Which means she is female.

Porky accuses every female she doesn't like of being rl male. Rheta makes a convenient target, because her avatar is gone, and she can't defend herself.

Porky's attack was pure sexism. Girls can't code. The writer of Ajax life a web based Second Life client, is a 16 year old girl. I guess that must mean that she's really a boy.

Johnny4sls gets traffic by promoting bigotry and sexism. The blog says tales of cyber-neurosis. Obviously he means his cyber-neurosis. We all know why accusations of a female playing a male get press, because there are many homophobic males out there who want to have a chance to score with women, who see the first reason for meeting a woman to be sex, and they are terrified that they will be tricked into being "gay." Porky plays to this. She also knows that if a target defends herself, the only proof is loss of anonymity, which is something many people, male or female, can't pay.

I've been accused by porky, so have lots of other people. It is no more, and no less, than accusing every one who supports marriage equality of being gay, or back in the old days of accusing everyone who supported civil rights of being a "nigger lover." Johnny4sls would have spread such accusations around as proof of being a free thinker, because it would get links an notice.

You wanted notice Johnny4sls, then I will give it to you. You traffic in bigotry. That makes you a bigot. You traffic in sexism. That makes you sexist. You do so for pitiful benefit of attention, which you have now gotten.

You are also a pitifully bad social scientist. The demographics of Second Life skew older than most video games. While there are many of us who are young in second life, there are also many who are older. You should get your facts correct when coming up with off the cuff numbers, it makes them more accurate, and more useful.

I will also note that Johnny's anonymity, or at least not immediate public identifiability is important to him, but he denies that right to others, by promoting accusations which can only be really disproven by meeting people in the flesh - after all, any man can have a girl cam verify for him once. Johnny denies Rheta the same consideration that he wants for himself, a separation between rl and sl. This makes him a hypocrite in addition to trafficking in bigotry and being a bad social scientist.

Shorter Johnny4sls: bigotry and bad numbers are intellectually serious.

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