Monday, May 18, 2009

Retsnodle Pawpad: Age Player

This one ups the level of sheer brazen stupidity. Not only a clearly inappropriate avatar, but telling people who call him on it that they are "full of it" and to "go fuck yourself."

One reason that LL is going to go through with adult content restrictions is that adult content areas breed problems. Maybe those problems are small in terms of number of avatars, and this is my experience, but they are very larger per trouble maker.

I've seen age players get let off again and again, which makes me believe they are law enforcement or have some kind of corrupt in, or LL just doesn't care about stopping them. I offer no explanation as to which is true, I have no idea. I do know that there has been an explosion of them in the last few weeks, and that brings to mind a correlation with the proposed new policies.

What all of this means, I leave to others, but I do know that these people are a hazard, because they break the law and attempt to entangle others in breaking the law. My own belief is that retsnodle is trying to get people into trouble, in a kind of low grade Something Awful goon sort of way.

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