Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ah yes, the joys of people you shouldn't touch with a ten foot pole

There are good and bad people of all kinds on Second Life. This trio walked in to Platinum with advertisements to free lance in their profiles, and "looking to hire." I ejected, as anyone would. This is what I got back:

[22:00] Lillie Yifu: You know better than that.
[22:00] RedHot Quintessa: what i aint doin shit
[22:00] RedHot Quintessa: im reading info on ur contest
[22:01] RedHot Quintessa: who fuckin banned my girl
[22:01] RedHot Quintessa: ur a bitch u know that?
[22:01] RedHot Quintessa: i was there to find out how to wim a gierl for a week
[22:01] RedHot Quintessa: stupid cunt
[22:01] RedHot Quintessa: ids that how u treat ALll women weho come to that fuckin hole?
[22:01] RedHot Quintessa: FUCK U
[22:02] RedHot Quintessa: have a nice day ill save myself a thousand this way
[22:02] RedHot Quintessa: :)

-- Instant message logging enabled --
[22:00] Lillie Yifu: You know better than that.
[22:01] mandisssohottttt Constantine: better then what...i never said a word
[22:01] mandisssohottttt Constantine: wtf
[22:01] Lillie Yifu: walking in with frelancing tags
[22:01] Lillie Yifu: shame on you
[22:01] mandisssohottttt Constantine: sexy bitch is a freelance tag?
[22:01] Lillie Yifu: Your slave had "hire me" in her profile
[22:02] Lillie Yifu: you had "looking to hire escorts and dancers" for another club
[22:02] Lillie Yifu: you know better than that
[22:02] Lillie Yifu: your slaves also know bettter than to sear at someoen
[22:02] mandisssohottttt Constantine: we were just looking at the girls babe..but that fine ..
[22:02] Lillie Yifu: I don't believe you
[22:02] mandisssohottttt Constantine: i dont really care
[22:02] mandisssohottttt Constantine: whatever
[22:02] Lillie Yifu: kk
[22:04] mandisssohottttt Constantine: uve got a lot to learn about making people feel welcome to a club when they did nuthing ..all i do is tip there...check ur damn records u dumb ass
[22:05] Lillie Yifu: I've been an escort on sl longer than you have.
[22:05] Lillie Yifu: No club, anywhere,
[22:05] Lillie Yifu: allows peopel to come in and frelance
[22:05] Lillie Yifu: unless it is a camper farm
[22:05] Lillie Yifu: nnone
[22:05] Lillie Yifu: none
[22:06] mandisssohottttt Constantine: ur more then wlecome in my club..i dont eject people for tipping my dancers
[22:06] Lillie Yifu: If I walked in there trying to hire people away from your club, you'd eject me
[22:06] Lillie Yifu: if I called one of your employees "dumb cunt" and screamed fuck you! i hope you would eject me

[22:06] mandisssohottttt Constantine: ur right but since i didnt u could have given the benifit of the doubt
[22:07] Lillie Yifu: I read yourprofile
[22:07] Lillie Yifu: I read your slave's profile
[22:07] Lillie Yifu: they left zero doubt
[22:07] Lillie Yifu: zero
[22:07] mandisssohottttt Constantine: ur really a trip...

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