Sunday, June 7, 2009

An introduction and a thank you to Lillie

Hello I'm XingZ, firstly thanks to LillieY for giving me space on her blog today.

This is the first of what will become an irregular posting of any decent freebies/bargains I find on my travels around SL. There will be absolutely no tat here and most of it will be of an oriental bent ;)

At the moment I'm furnishing my new home in WuLin and I have been amazed by the quality of free furnishings you can find in SL.

To begin with a visit to Abaditiker will bring you to a ‘cupcake’ packed with the most amazing Japanese furnishings, dive in and amongst the things you can receive are: Meditation Pillows (yeah yeah everyone does those); A Japanese Painted Bridge (full size not a painting :)); Bamboo Love (a nice vase with, yes bamboo in it); Black Tea Table and Seating (think tea house); Blue Dragonfly Print Living Room Set; Red Cuddle Rug and more... also a Ten Minute Camp for a rather nice Buddha Picture.

Please have a good look around while you’re here.

Secondly I have The Zen Garden and Imperial City at

Here you will find Four Lucky Boards giving Asian Furnishings as follows: Outdoor Seating, a (very nice) Large Buddha and a Japanese Garden Lamp, more Outdoor Seating, a Japanese Drawer Unit, and some more Tea House Seating. There are also two Midnight Mania boards which each contain a Large Asian House and a 'Guess and Win' with various instant prizes, for example a Shinto Shrine, Buddha Heads, Large White Indoor Seating Unit.

You can Camp for Two Hours for a 'Three Storey Asian House' - which I did a couple of weeks ago, time well spent :) There are also various 50% off bargains scattered around at the moment - including houses, I picked up a Tea House I had had my eye on for a while for half its’ usual price – now to find somewhere to put it... .

Lastly, whilst you’re here, if you have a garden, don't miss the 'Field of Dreams' Free Flower Emitters lot's of flowers for very few prims and FREE.

Yeah!!! My initial came up on the lucky board and I won the 'Lion Bench 2 Seater' – I’ve been after that for ages!

Please look around this shop too it has some lovely items at very reasonable prices.

Now for some clothing:

At Legends of China for the princely sum of 10 lindens you can buy an Incredible Traditional Chinese Dress called 'Spring Lotus Tang Princess' it’s pink and very pretty and if you're a fan of Wuxia films this is the place for you, beautiful Chinese clothing at rather frightening prices, but always one or two on offer for pennies. Worth repeated visits.

Lastly today: =Feel China= has a 1linden more modern looking but equally beautiful Turquoise Dress which can be worn several ways from Ball Gown to Mini Skirt and a totally free Traditional Chinese Fan.

I’m pleased to have got all that off my chest, more when I find more.


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