Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I was going to write something

and the person who I was going to write it about knows who they are. I might still, if there are any further problems from that person. But I won't. She has a bad rl. She has a bad family. She is trying to make something of herself. She is making some big mistakes, but in sl, which is for making mistakes in. She abused me, and was utterly contemptible in her dealings with me. She is like a thousand little tyrants in sl.

I hope for her sake, and the sake of her children, and her rl, that she learns that not everyone in this world is to be treated like dirt, and that if you want employees, then you have to pay people real money. Because that's what we trade work for in real life, we let some one abuse us and treat us like a child, in return, we get enough money, we hope, to walk out the door and live.

This is a common sickness in real life, and second life shows it. But when I sat down to write this, again, absent more abuse from her or her people, I thought not of her stupidity, but of her children, who, I hope, know nothing of Second Life, and who deserve something better.

That's all I want to say at the moment. Perhaps it is too much, perhaps not enough.

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