Thursday, June 4, 2009

Update on HTTP requests in LSL

Rob Linden and Poppy leave the following exchange on the JIRA to allow more MIME types in LSL http requests:

Poppy Linden added a comment - 04/Jun/09 12:55 PM
We've had an internal issue to support application/json for a while, SL-54669 (should tell you it's age... about as old as this!). I'm certainly not the one to be able to say when this will be supported, but I can say that we are aware of the shortcomings of accepted content types. I'd personally like to see this For Great Hacking, so I'll poke some folks. I'm not even sure what triage bucket this would go in, hmm...

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Rob Linden added a comment - 04/Jun/09 01:22 PM
Will fix in a sec...

I hope this means that they will do a fix. I hope that the release this will be in will find us all thanking each other for it.

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