Wednesday, June 24, 2009

@justinmclachlan is a total loser

I've learned not to have an argument over twitter I guess, because twitter seems to have a species of idiot male who think that they can shout you down 140 characters at a time. @justinmclachlan is the second I've run across. Cites nothing, gets everything wrong, and when he does just shifts to the next completely wrong argument. Some times an argument needs to be ground out. Total losers like justinmclachlan are convincing me that twitter, while fun, is also the province of people who are completely assured of their own rightness about everything, and yet, strangely, can never come up with a single fact on their side.

I think this must be indicative of something larger, but what it is doesn't seem clear. That there are people with a very high estimation of their own abilities that they can't produce evidence of, well, I'm in the art world, and that's sort of most of the drifting population of would be artists. But that these people seem to be running the world right now makes me wonder what is supposed to get fixed, when the people who are being given the biggest megaphones are the people without any sort of intellectual ability, and who are merely nasty bullies. How do they become important? 

I wish I were the sort of person who could draw some blah blah blah patriarchy or other facile explanation, but that sort of retreat from facing things left me somewhere down the road. 

There is a grace to understanding, and to research. To reading words and having them soak into your eyes. To feeling the currents of the text, as they become part of your blood. It seems we do not practice this anymore.

Instead, we live in a time of bullies, of a few who have some special permission. I do not know where they get it from, but I know that they are all the same, whether they are demanding sex, or some other form of personal worship that they feel, for reasons I do not understand, is due to them

In a land when someone with a thousand twitter followers is exempt from every shred of intellectual honesty, the way @justinmclachlan is, there's no room for art or ideas.

It was, if I recall, Nabokov, who longed to write, because there, art and beauty are normal. I need a taste of that right now, and it is there to which the bright light of thought and the many twists of creation, are the only visa needed to enter.

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