Friday, June 12, 2009

Let's just rename them the MacArthur Idiot Grants

I know this is so 2006

These people aren't even in the top 10,000 of Second Life geniuses.

What is next, the Discovery Institute gets the Nobel Prize for Biology?

It is the crassest example of how stupid, inane, and self-destructive the present era is, in that this project produces ugly, sprawled dysfunctional spaces which resemble temporary buildings at fourth rate academic institutions. 

Cockroaches at least know enough to scurry away from danger. This time, does not even pass that test. I know that global warming will become a catastrophe because people in this time and place cannot even imagine a future that is not loaded with a petroleum aesthetic.

The petroleum aesthetic is, in fact, all over second life, in that the signal feature of the petroleum version of capitalism, is the vast attention paid to clutter. The aesthetics of the late petroleum age are based on the promiscuity of petroleum production: it produces an unlimited amount of clutter, with which people fill their lives.

This grant shows clearly why the present system is doomed: it is run by people who have a pathological desire to destroy the world, and promote that aesthetic in the present. 

Gordon and Koo produce ugly dysfunctional sprawl spaces. Since this is what the system rewards, I can tell you that you are all pretty much fucked. They, and the system they work for, are clearly pathologically committed to a self-destructive course, that even given a blank sheet of paper, cannot even imagine a better world.

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