Friday, June 19, 2009

How have you twitted for a #publicoption today?

It is life or death, with Ayatollahs elected by nobody fighting to hold on to their power to impose arcane lifestyle rules on everyone, against a democratic tide in favor of what the people really want. The Ayatollahs have secret police that peers into everyone's lives, and is empowered to find out what you eat, who you have sex with, and to pry into every corner.

I'm talking about the Health Insurance industry in America. If you want to know why #iranelection is big, it is because people in Iran are no longer willing to die quietly, and live hopelessly. Compare the US with the UK here. In the UK, a stupid right wing tabloid tries to stir up anti-immigrant hatred with a stupid online poll. Not one, but two, twitter trending topics are to flood the poll. In the US, with the last sliver of real hope in health care, a public option, hanging in the balance, there is not a peep among the trending tweets. People are spending more time on why AT&T won't plug in everything of the iPhone, than on why they don't have a chance at decent health insurance. The House finally introduced a #publicoption bill. President Obama gave guarded approval. There is news out there on this. Why isn't there a flickr stream of people suffering because of US health care that is being spread?

So, what have you done to tweet for a #publicoption today?

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