Friday, May 9, 2008

Day Oh Let's the Cat out of the bag:
New Huge Prims

[Important Update: Day has filled in holes in the flat set, and produced a cube and squares set. This is major, and basically changes SL building in a heart beat. We should be thanking Day no end. I'm looking for the JIRA about making megas and hope that people will vote it up so we can just create them.

For people who want the sets from in world, they are spreading fast... but there is on e set at Yedo already, free for the copying... More sets are on the way...]

First new huge prims since the last bug was closed.

This was announced over the AWG, has gone out to groups like the Fermi Sandbox group, that has a thousand members, and has spread quickly through the building community.

Free. Full Perms.

This cat will need a large bag.

The way this is done is by using the create object message in libsl, I'll post this as soon as SL stops misbehaving. Maybe there is a throttle in the client that could be removed now?

What this underlines is several important things:

  • If a capability is in libsl, then it will soon be everywhere. This means the viewer should have a libsl command line and the ability to load files to execute libsl packets from a file. Put the power in people's hands, even if it is in the advanced menu.
  • Every build of any size on SL is obsolete. Every single one.
  • Competition is good. Much of this is in response to OpenSim's raising the prim build limit to 100M. Even the threat of competition changes the way a monopoly behaves.
  • The open community will get features into people's hands quickly. This plays into all of these points. More openness would be better. The Linden's could have done this themselves, probably more easily. Created a package of new huge prims, given them out, announced it on the blog, and then seen what happened.

Second Life is reaching V2.0, and it is happening now.


  1. There are actually a bunch of JIRA issues that deal with various aspects of megaprims, but here is a hack I wrote to allow the creation of megaprims from the viewer: