Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mark Kirk channels Prokofy Neva

Ars Technica blasts Mark Kirk (R-IL) for his empty and angry pander to parental fears. If it involves pixels, then some politician someplace will link it to paedophilia. But a better warning would be for more "kid friendly" VRs centered around products that children, note I say children and not minors, will be interested in. The paedophile's strategy is not to go to places where there are adults, but to go to places where there are children, and us their position and resources to lure children into a false friendship.

Parents should watch all of the media that their children are involved in, and need to teach children younger than might be comfortable for the parents, how to negotiate a world where adults use people for sexual gratification in ways which are not appropriate.

[Picture of his presentation... total noob look, didn't even have the sense to barbie up. Note that he played a female teenager. Again we see that one of the most important parts of anti-sex hysteria is confusing minors looking for sex on the internet, some of whom may be of legal age, even if they are not allowed to be in Second Life, or viewing porn, with sexual predators. I'm going to say this again clearly, one of the things the society needs to do is make a social distinction, to match the already existing legal distinction, between minors below the age of consent, which is an arbitrary line we have to draw someplace, with "kids" or "children," in relation to sex. Children have no earthly reason to be searching for sex, teenagers have exactly the same earthy reasons as adults. We set lines to protect teenagers, and those lines are arguable, where as sex with children isn't arguable.

Basically this boils down to a Republican Congressman couldn't even check the law or how to put on decent hair. And by the way, we do all remember that Gov. Spitzer was an anti-prostitution crusader, and Rep. Foley wrote the sexual predator statute that he violated.... don't we?

I've written about rape play, it is actually a bit hard to actually find a guy willing to go through with it. They hang out in places where there is rape play, they sort of sit there and swat, or show off their weapons, but it's not easy to actually get it going. It's also interesting the Rep. Kirk didn't actually find any sex. Now, had his office been even vaguely competent, they could have done what they set out to do, namely entice and entrap some foolish newbie male into having sex with a minor.

Rep. Kirk may go down in history as the first female in SL too stupid to get laid...]


  1. Admitting to be involved in SL in my country equals to admit you're a child molester.

  2. Recently it occurred to me to wonder, Yifu: are you a mangina? Could that explain the real VILE nastiness that you direct to me? I often find that pattern there.

    You're invalid interlocutor.

    I'm a registered Democrat. I think it's good that any congressmen looks into SL. We need more scrutiny of these worlds from all quarters, that's for sure because they can't just belong to people like you.

    I stand by my position on "ageplay"

    It's a far more subtle one than this rather uninformed member of Congress, but I'm not going to waste time trying to make the distinctions, they'd be lost on you.

    You are an intolerant thug.