Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Greaser and Gayle, Relics indeed

Remember how the Mile High Club sent their drama queens after my encounter? Well Gayle and Greaser, not content to have one dog on their hands, have put up Relic. Same deal as the first one. It's a camping farm with lots of pressure to spend... but not on the girls who get almost none of what you tip them. 100L becomes... 20L in her pocket. If you want to get a dancer who will appreciate you, there are plenty of places to go.

Relic. Same trap, different name.

If you are looking to work, as opposed to camp, then go elsewhere, and if you are a guy looking for something other than a camping farm with an attitude problem, look elsewhere. Sure barbie up an alt and play dumb. But at 40L an hour, obviously the rate of 30L was not enough, you can do better with legitimate dancing...

Another day, another abuser looking to mill sl for money. And people wonder why Second Life is treated as if it were Second Infancy by most of the gaming world.

Yes Greaser Waco and Gayle, I haven't forgotten your wonderful communication and people skills. And no one else should either. Now why is it I could pick your place out from the search list? Maybe because Mile High had dropped into the mire of 20K traffic, and suddenly another most expensive club had popped up.

If you want a premium club, then I would do Jenna, Tryst and Harlots as the current premium experiences, and for cam... Sarah Friedman and Brandy Xeno run the best, with the sort of obnoxious, delivers the real thing slcamz.com being the places for rl web peep.

This has been a public service announcement because I'm not escorting any more and so have zero financial interest in what is going on any more. But really... do people ever learn?


  1. i guess you a girl that just couldnt make it at either of the two clubs. our girls who really care about there SL experance earn upward of 5,000 a day and we have tons of regular gentlemen comming back for more of our company every day. yes we may take 50% in tips thats to surport the sim and your 40L's an hour pay you right you can work for sumplace that will only make you 2k aday and keep it all or come work for us where u can make 10k a day and keep 5k not including yoru hourly pay, so Im sorry that you went high enuff Quality to hand with the big girls and yoru bloging just goes to show your childish attitude of not being accepted as part of the Migh High, Relic Family. and you loved our club and beged for a job untill we said sorry you just dont have what it takes to be one of our girls
    Tank you
    Minx Eisenhart

  2. I work at Club Relic, and honestly, it's probably the best thing that's happened to me on Second Life. We get 50% of our tips, which is more than what we'd get camping anywhere else, and we get 40 an hour regularly. You're dumb. This club kicks ass.

    -Mara Baran

  3. I have worked at both traps. when i went to anoher club, I made more in one night than I made ith relic or mile high in a month. they charg very high prices (enforced) and keep most of the tips. as for minx's commnets, she is an owner of the club, and one of those folks who are keeping the majority of the gal's tips. take her comments for where they are coming from

  4. I worked at Relic when I first joined SL and really enjoyed it. Until I discovered what a joke it really is. 50% of our tips, and now they've reduced the starting salary to $L12? Ha! What a rip. When I first started, I could pull in about $500 a night, but the more popular it got with campers, the less we had actual customers. They actively encouraged us to tell on each other, all while perpetuating the idea that we were a 'happy family'. I started freelancing on the side and earned more in one night than I earned in two weeks at Relic. They don't have events to attract customers, and all they care about is lining their own pockets. Eventually I was 'let go' for not bringing in enough money. No shit! Why would I dance at your creepy thought-control secret-police cesspool of a club and give you HALF of my well-earned tips, when I could go out and earn two or three times that much and keep it all? Disgusting. What a scam. Thanks for posting this, Lillie. Hopefully it will keep some other poor newbie from falling prey to this crap.

  5. Jenny has described the club perfectly. I worked at Relic when I 1st joined sl. Happy I was that a club hired me only a week in. My next couple of weeks there I made NO money there. But certain managers tip jars always had a good amount in them. Go figure. Then it became a camping site. We definitely couldn't make any moeny then. They also try to tell you that "certain girls" come into the club, show everyone up and walk away with thousands. YEAH RIGHT. Club Relic is a camping gound and nothing else. I have made much more money at other clubs. Beware. Walk away!

  6. I can't agree more then what's been said already.
    That club really stink...
    Sleezy slime buckets those owners.
    They act if they are sooo much better then all the rest hahaha.
    Well...i hope that the stinking club end up as mile high club.
    I hope more girls will leave..find a nice club where they can earn more instead of the 50%...and even more important...where the owners are friendly..treat you with respect and not only look how much money you make to fill their pockets.
    They are friendly yes...to the costumers...to open up their wallets :)
    minx said:''our girls who really care about there SL experance earn upward of 5,000 a day and we have tons of regular gentlemen comming back for more of our company every day. ''
    Liar...all tipjars are empty...only yours is full..
    And regulars come back everytime?
    Guys with no money yes :)
    And if there is a guy with a lot of money to spend...then you fly with your creepy ass as fast as you can...to get that customer..so that no other girl have a chance to get that guy.
    The best tip you can get?
    Get the hell out of there!
    And don't let the so called 40L's an hour blind you...you paid for it yourself...with the 50% you give from your hard earned tips!
    Ow...its not a camp site anymore lol
    They have a box full of bot's to gain traffic...covered up under the ground.
    27 bot's in a box :)

  7. Hmm, yes, it is a very very strange "club" But... it surprises me, that so far nobody has told the fact that they just hire anyone! There are lots of clubs nowadays that require payment info at your profile (that is the most closest way to know if someone is ove a certain age, unless you use your mom and dads creditcard ofcourse) But they obviously dont. I know 2 girls who worked there, no payment info at their file, could be both 12, who knows, and worked there for some time, but yes, unfortunately they had to "let them go" , nobody told them why, or gave them an explanation, they were just being rejected out of the group. Now.. when one of the sisters contacted Minx (who ejected one)to tell this "lady" she had been muted, because if you fire people without telling them why, then you are not worth listening to afterwards. This must have pissed Minx off, cause both of the sisters were suddenly banned..... :D
    To my opinion, this is just a hilarious club, with, I agree, lots of pressure, against both customers and girls. I think there is enough said about this place, best thing is, ignore it and go to the good places, where the girls DO have emoting skills.

  8. you know whats really funny about this blog. non you of that are unhappy with relic use yoru sl name or explain why you were fired and the orginator of the blog must still be there to let girls know that were fired to come and post here she dosnt seem to tell all the girls that are happy with the club or clients about it caause she knows there is more people willing to say good things about it then bad things, and yes my tip jar is usialy full not cus i chase after the clients but becoase those girls that dont get tips cant emote simple as that. So why dont you all grow apair and let us know who you really are.
    Minx Eisenhart

  9. P.S. I think i know why the orginal Blogger stays at our clubs to besides being the lil drama queen she is she has no other means of gaining the amount of lidens we pay hourly cause the reason she even posted about us in the first place was she was turned down for a job and prolly just snuck in past the interview and seeing as we reguarly clean out our servers of the girls that dont show up she must be there quite regually. so apparently the 50% tips an hourly pay is enuff for her to spend her time there and it isnt a wais to her time as she would lead you to believe

  10. Minx,

    I will only say this then leave it alone. First I was NOT fired. I left because working there was not fun nor was it a good club to make money in. I LEFT, Especially after Greaser disrespected a girl in front of everyone. Second of all, while I was at the club I never saw you emote. The only emotes that I ever read that came from you were from your Xcite parts. If you were emoting you definitely weren't doing it in open chat. Whenever a man came into the club and you were around you pounced. Ironically you were the main one breaking all the rules that you made sure every other girl was supposed to follow. You should have been fired. Third, no I wont reveal myself. When I go inworld I dont want you and all your drones making life miserable for me. Anyways I stand by Lilly. When it comes to Club Relic, please pass.

  11. Well...i love this club as much as i hate it. First of all they told me we are one big family, the other dancers are not our competitor, they are our sisters. And guess what, i read the group convo..very obvious that they backstabbed each other. One of the girl made a bad comment about another girl (who wasnt there that time). Very sad indeed.
    Another day i used my friend's av (male) and went to the club. In less than 1 min i entered the club i got like tons of IM..that's crippy >< i left as fast as i could. Enough for big family crap..all i know was all the dancers competed unfair and unsquare :P
    Second, the girls love to kiss the managers asses, esp daddy. Soon as daddy walked in tons of of good statements (like how sexy daddy and the managers were, their outfit and bla bla bla) were thrown. lol
    And why i love this club? cause they kicked me "yey". I didnt need to find excuses of why i wanted to resign from this club (i tried to be polite leaving with words at least). Right..i made more money in other club, double or some times triple.


  12. Just to Minx:
    One of the big rules was: dont Im the guests whne they enter the club, only Im them when you see they are intersted in you and walk up to you, keep your first chat to general chat.
    Ahem, ok lovely, I once went down there with my male alt, tons of girls were their, for this time, keeping to the rule not to IM, and yes, Minx was hanging there on a pole, my male got IM after Im from her, even when "he" walked to another girl to the other side of the club, she kept on bugging "him". Oh come on, is there a bigger trap on sl?

  13. Ok, after reading all these posts I wanted to go have a look for myself, see if this was such a bad and hilarious place.
    I went up there and stood in the doorway, just looking around, the follwing conversation started: (well conversation, hm, not really)

    [23:02] sexygemini Xue: hello frenz
    [23:02] You: hey there
    [23:02] sexygemini Xue: welocum to relic
    [23:03] sexygemini Xue: can I help u hun
    [23:04] You: I dont think I look like needing help darling ;-) lol
    [23:04] Sara Svoboda: please dont be rude to my girls
    [23:05] You: omg, that wasnt rude
    [23:05] Sara Svoboda: she was tryinng to be nice to oyou
    [23:05] You: and I just answered
    [23:05] You: if you think that was already rude......
    [23:05] Sara Svoboda ejected and banned you from this land.

    OMG!!! I believe everything that has been said about this club (the negative things lol) Now I ahve to say that my avi is a very well build one, so yes, I was ONLY MAKING A JOKE, when saying she doesnt look like needing help. And the pathetic Relic people take that as being rude to the girls. This is just too silly for words people, and for that I really needed to share this with you :-)

  14. Club Relic.......What a joke. I worked there under the name Ezmarelda Zapatero. Worked for like 18 days. Everything was going great. Then I make a sizeable donation to help promote the club. Something to the toon of 3000L$. And then I come home for lunch from RL work, Get into Relic and doing my thing. All of a sudden I get an IM from a manager. Saying she has bad news. Uh oh....... She then tells me that they are going to have to let me go. I reply why.
    I am then told that I have been suspected to be IMing customers as they walk in. Which is so untrue. I then pleaded my case. Copying and pasteing all of the local chat to the manager who was accusing me of these things. She said she did not see my questions to his answers. IE me IMing him. I then asked her to inquire from the customer I was supposedly IMing if I was truely doing so. Told her I would like copr of what he said. No such luck. She didnt even try to get to the bottom of it.....Hummmmmm. I then totaly lost it. Got completely rude. Well wouldn't you? I gave that place my all and got canned for absolutely nothing! I wish I could find a SL lawer........LOL. Oh and I copied and pasted our entire coversation to all of the other girls that work there. After a few seconds I recieved a flood of IM's from then. telling me how totaly messed up that was. 90% of them are on there way out the door. I then told all the girls there good luck walking the relic tightrope. and definately definately DO NOT DONATE MONEY!!!!!!! They will juke you so fast your head will spin..... I was haveing an amazing SL experiance until now. My new goal is to let the public know the truth about Cleb Relics Management. Thas post really has nothing to do with Greaser or Gayle. It is geared more towards management.......You know who you are! There are several girls who have been fired the last couple of days. last I heard there staff was an amazing 143 deep. My view thus far was that as soon as you start getting wise about how things work you are dead at Relic. I do relise that any publicity is good publicity. But I am super vendictive. So I am now on a mission. So thats it for now. Off to the next site to cut into Relic like they have cut into me......And if any Managers or offiliates of this club post back to me. I will not answer....... Call me childish or whatever you would like. I have only said the truth here. And have zero remorse for my words......Anyways have a good day. PS watch your step to hell. Its a long fall........

  15. More words from Ezzy,

    First I would like to appoligize to Grease and Gayle. As they were not at fault in this matter. There was a big misunderstanding. And I was wrong to vent here. With that beeing said. Greaser has contacted me. Appologizing for the mishap. And returned the money I donated. He truley is a nice guy, And above all a gentleman. I would recommend anyone to attend Club Relic whether it be for buisinees or pleasure. He has done an amazing job with the building and the staff. It truely is one of the best gentlemans clubs in SL. Well thats it for now. See you all in SL soon....:)